Internxt strives to create a new internet creating a decentralized cloud infrastructure which will host websites, files and apps in a more secure, private and efficiently way.

Internxt is a Peer-To-Peer (P2P) cloud computing network that allows users from all over the globe to cooperate in the creation of a decentralized internet. Users can sell the resources of their machines to those looking to host their data in a more private, secure and efficient way. Internxt’s cloud platform will not only offer a better alternative to traditional cloud services in terms of technology, but it will also strive to be competitive in terms of price. Besides that, we also strive to make our technology intuitive and as user friendly as already existing top-tier services. We want to make sure this new internet is accessible by everyone, regardless of their knowledge, thus we want to focus on providing a seamless transition from traditional services to Internxt, without compromising on features. Internxt was founded and is currently owned and managed by the young entrepreneur Fran Villalba Segarra. Fran had been working in the management of a big internet multinational. Additionally, he has created some smaller internet projects in the past, which he has sold. He is now dedicating all his funds, time and knowledge into Internxt, the biggest company he has ever started.

We believe Internxt might become a very significant technology in a near future, and their ICO will most likely be one of the ICOs of the year, maybe even surpassing that one of Filecoin, Aragon and the soon to be held of Decentraland.

Internxt’s Bounty Program has been massive, and you can still participate (until Sept 6th) for a very small free sample of INXT. Their ICO is being held on September 7th at 7PM GMT right on their website. It will end on September 28th at the same time, or earlier if the 45,000,000 tokens (INXT) are sold out before that date. The exchange is 300 tokens per ETH. Tokens will be sent immediately to contributors, and INXT is expected to be traded in all major exchanges once the ICO is over. Its price is expected to rise tremendously as soon as it hits exchanges. During the first 15% token sold during ICO, Internxt will give 10% bonus tokens or 15% for those who contribute over €30,000. For the next 15% tokens sold, Internxt will give a 5% general bonus or 10% to contributors of over €30,000. Total amount of circulating tokens = Tokens sold during ICO + BP + Bonus + 7.5% of Tokens sold during ICO for the company & development.