I recently had the pleasure of participating in Crypto Millions Lotto and I am pleased to report my findings. Because, transparency always matters.

First off, Crypto Millions Lotto is entirely online and mobile-friendly. This allows users to purchase tickets and to access the lottery regardless of their location. More importantly, it takes away the need to visit any physical lottery ticket-selling venues, which is what millennials struggle with. To play the lotto, simply choose six numbers between 1 and 49 plus a bonus number between 0 and 9 and enter them into the ticket. For us, the prize structure was really simple to understand. The numbers you choose in a single line must match the winning lottery numbers to win a prize. Best part is that you play with Bitcoin and get paid in Bitcoin if you win! Any prize, large or small, could potentially be even larger due to the upward bias of Bitcoin.

There is also a selection of Instant Wins or Slots. Simply select the one you’d like to play. In addition, the lottery guarantees compliance, security, and regulatory oversight. The fact that the results are taken from the well-established German National Lottery and the company has a gambling license further ensures peace of mind.

I couldn’t be happier.

Signing up for a new website can be tough, but with Live Chat, email and even phone support there is always someone there to help. I didn’t need any as it was easy to sign up, navigate the website and play. As a new customer, I personally recommend, that once you have registered, you deposit the minimum amount of Bitcoin to claim your 3 free Lucky Dip tickets. It’s the best way to dive right in and start winning! After all, these jackpots are bigger than anything offered by local lotteries!

You can sign up below: