Indeed, it is a universal trend that, despite the increasing presence of technology-driven every-day products, people have come to fear burgeoning tech-advancement. Digitalization of routine tasks possesses an ordeal for technophobes. Luckily, KaratGold Coin is here to shed light on the murky corners of the online world. There is a line of great innovations within the framework of Karatbars‘ well-thought-out, inclusive ecosystem, aimed at redefining the future of virtual value assets. As the front piece in a row of those products, K-Merchant has successfully embarked upon incorporating high-tech information technology into reformed interpersonal commercial relations. What does this product stand for? K-Merchant represents a platform for online vendors to do business in cryptocurrency. As simple as that.

Apart from being automatically built-into structure of top-rated e-commerce platforms, such as WooCommerce, Magento, PrestaShop, Shopify, WHMCS, K-Merchant may boast of the legal support, provided by full-status banking license. This contributes directly to its regular ‘mass-consumption’. When it comes to the Karat’s Gold Imperium, a full-fledged global financial infrastructure, designed to develop a bridge between conventional and blockchain-based systems of commerce. The functions of K-Merchant are closely intermingled with other Karatbars‘ entities, including KaratCoin Bank, Kexchange, KaratBit, Karatbars, KaratGold, KaratPay and KBC payment system. Merged together, those products signify high-performance blockchain system of the latest generation.

A myriad of powerful features is gathered in Karatbars K-Merchant, with insightful Dashboard being the most paramount one. In short, it is an easy to use data storage, that combines and manages, but, most importantly, provides access to multiple financial entities with a single integration. And when you are told that this instrument is capable of binding together all necessary data including shops, statistics (your current volumes both in crypto and fiat that you have gathered, also info about the number of transactions you have made shown either per coin or per store), shop’s status, generated income in every possible value asset.

When experiencing cutting-edge technological capacity of K-Merchant, a user gets the possibility to use another instrument called Devices. It is specifically tailored to allow the best flexibility for user’s shop. When elaborating Devices, KaratGold was guided by the idea of satisfying Merchant’s needs. Point being, one may use as many Devices (POS) as he wants, so that he can keep track of how well his shop develops. By incorporating Tools into trading, a Merchant may add any Device by a three-step action or alter the functions of each Device already existing. Not a single detail of any transaction should pass by a Merchant if using the Device. It encompasses stockpiles of brief info concerning, for example, PIN or attributed shops, connected with the transaction made by one particular Device. More profound research will open a technologically sophisticated world of KaratGold Coin Imperium for your successful enrollment into it.

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