A new online platform is being developed by the blockchain startup PodMiners. The platform is a blockchain based digital radio and podcasting platform for the people who love to express their views and share opinions. The platform is a digital radio and podcasting platform suitable for the media, publishers & individuals to share the content and information in the form of a podcast or live shows. The team, after analyzing the growth of Podcast sector, has decided to support the growth of the industry.

Started by the two Indian Co-Founder brothers, Avinash Chauhan & Anish Chauhan the platform, PodMiners, has released its beta version. The development of the product was started in 2018 and currently, it is ready with the beta version. According to the CEO, Avinash Chauhan the PodMiners will revolutionize the podcasting & digital radio industry by resolving the existing issues. Here’s the statement – “The growth of Podcasting sector in the last few years is more than 60%. There are several platforms in the market but either they need a subscription or are paid. The PodMiners is free to use and have the capability to compete with the leading current podcast hosting platforms. The beta version is ready to use. There are several enhanced features in the queue which will attract the users and will solve the existing issues”.

The beta version is ready with the ability to upload a pre-recorded podcasts or live streaming of a radio show, where a host can speak and listeners can enjoy the live show. Another feature allows the calling ability for listeners while the show is running live. The platform consists of enhanced feature switchboard to manage the shows without using any other equipment. PodMiners team is continuously working on the product to provide the user-friendly experience to the listeners and podcasters with the enhanced features like voice editing and testing tools to check the quality of the voice before going live. Very soon there will not be any hardware required to record, edit or test the voice. The team is also working on an enhanced feature to provide background effects or music.

Every sector is shifting towards the blockchain technology to have a transparent ecosystem. Podcasting sector is also switching not just for transparency but also for the much-desired experience by resolving the existing issues. The vision of the PodMiners is very clear and ready to face the challenges in the market to make the podcasting & radio sector flourish with it’s easy to use platform.

There are several amazing plans to support the user’s like monetization, discoverability, advertisement model for advertisers, detailed insights for analyzing the traffic and more. The elimination of fake reviews is also the goal of PodMiners by introducing blockchain based algorithm for better analysis. More information about the platform can be found here on the website. (and on https://t.me/podminers)