We all know how difficult it has been to accept payments in cryptocurrency, whether it be via apps, websites, d-apps –until now. Am I allowed to be excited about a new coin? Because hot damn, there’s a lot of trash out there.

Forgive me, but I am excited about the premiere of the new OPEN Chain. It is currently available at KuCoin exchange and supports trading in OPEN/BTC as well as OPEN/ETH. If you´re interested in making multi-coin payment processing finally become a reality, be sure to invest in this opportunity.

Yup. I proudly introduce the world´s first multi-cryptocurrency payment solution, that is perfectly interoperable with many different existing blockchains. However, unlike Ethereum, OPEN can be easily implemented by e-commerce businesses. This is a once in a lifetime investment opportunity and it might explain why OPEN 3X’d while Ethereum fell over on its side over the last month.

All You Need In Order To Accept Crypto Payments Is A Few Simple Lines Of Code

That is right. And that’s why OPEN Blockchain Platform is set to conquer the world – it will allow developers and sellers to support cryptocurrency payments on an unprecedented scale, all the while accepting multiple coins and running extremely fast.

The philosophy at the core of OPEN is this: to make one simple online solution, that will process all the bits and pieces that go into crypto payment processing, and provide it as a single, elegant service; kind of like how WordPress has revolutionized content management. OPEN aspires to do the same in the field of cryptocurrency.

Like Stripe for FIAT, OPEN can do for crypto. And they can finally deliver something no one else has to date.

OPEN has just recently premiered at the KuCoin exchange, and we are enormously excited to present this unique investment opportunity and concept to the world. Let’s take a deeper look into the idea and inner workings of OPEN now.

Who Backs OPEN Chain Currently?

A few names you may recognize (from such projects such as Zilliqa, Ontology or VeChain) are presently backing OPEN: NEO, DHVC, Draper Dragon, Jeremy Gardner, Reflective Ventures and R-Chain are some of them.

The team behind it is no less impressive. You will find people like Roger Lim (NEO Global Capital), Lorne Lantz (Paypal Partner & Payments), Will Bunker (Match.com), John Gardiner (Facebook Messenger Apps & Games), Andrew Leung (Grindr) and Steven Zhang (backed by MaRSDD & Velocity Accelerator), among others.

Why Is OPEN Chain Unique?

It’s clear by now that there is no use in repeating the same ideas and concepts over and over again if what we seek to achieve is a more efficient and practical payment solution.

The difference is all about the technology inside.

OPEN Chain operates as a harmony of several different elements: OPEN Cluster, Scaffolds, OPEN State, as well as Blockchain Load Balancing Protocol.

It uses the Rapid Consensus mechanism, thus preserving the integrity of data and ensuring speed.

OPEN cluster functions as an ecosystem of multiple blockchains making use of gateway applications known as Scaffolds, which then transmit data into OPEN States.

These OPEN States link to the backend of applications where they provide a source for every piece of on-chain data transmitted through the blockchain cluster.

All data is processed on the fly and in parallel, via the Blockchain Load Balancing Protocol.

How Do These Elements Integrate?

The Rapid Consensus mechanism processes all payments on the OPEN Chain, which then sends it through the Blockchain Load Balancing Protocol to make sure it gets quickly distributed to all chains within the cluster.

Comparing OPEN To FIAT Payment Processing

There is an increasingly large demand worldwide for a cryptocurrency payment processing solution that would work as smoothly as traditional FIAT systems, but without having any centralized governing authority built into it. This is where OPEN comes in.

All the coins, one form.

The aesthetics and feel of OPEN are quite similar to those of Stripe. Likewise, it is very simple to implement it on apps, d-apps, websites, e-commerce shops and other platforms.

The cost-effectiveness of the system is second to none. Also, it has traceability in common with traditional payment methods, meaning that payments can be tied and tracked back to users, and account funds are verified before processing payments.

It works for both single purchases as well as subscriptions, and support for shipping logic and various metrics is also possible to incorporate.

Larger businesses will appreciate the OPEN API, which will allow them to implement changes on an app-wide level, thus eliminating the inherent risks of new technology. On the other hand, developers of highly popular apps and games will no longer be dependent on the existing payment solutions offered by Apple and Google.

Most importantly, for the ordinary user, the experience will be much like what they´re already used to – except for the sky-high processing fees attached by third parties.

This will allow developers of new crypto-ready apps (at any skill level) to start developing their apps with no more fear of the complications related to payments and support.

In Conclusion

A decade after Bitcoin, it seems the world continues using traditional bullshit payment methods. The tech underneath just hasn’t evolved. Someone needs to stand up.

If developers have a tool that’s worthwhile, it will breed mainstream adoption.

Business owners that rely on blockchains are particularly fond of the speed it allows, both for themselves and customers alike.

Hard forks that were meant to speed them up (and failed), and weaning public trust have caused entire coins including large capital stores to fold.

There is definitely a problem with most mainstream coins; this is where OPEN can step in to help.

Don’t Miss This Investment Opportunity

Taking in the lessons learned from existing blockchains – Ethereum being too narrow, Bitcoin too slow – OPEN has set out to allow supporters around the world to finally get their foot in the door, and into the game.

They do this by providing unprecedented speed, scalability, and wide-ranging cryptocurrency adoption.

The team behind OPEN have made it no secret that major announcements are coming very soon – and certainly, those who get on board early on will have significantly higher margins, as well as a strategic advantage.

If you believe OPEN to be the next big thing (which it is!), then definitely check it out: it´s available currently at KuCoin Exchange. OPEN/BTC and OPEN/ETH trading pairs are supported.

Being it’s first official listing partner, KuCoin is helping us provide new investors with a hunger for innovation the same kind of once-in-a-lifetime chance they may have missed with Bitcoin.