Job interviews can instill fear in even the bravest of candidates. Not knowing what to expect usually creates the most anxiety, but anticipating the interviewer’s questions and preparing can reduce the nervousness to a manageable level.

Beacon Resources, a placement agency specializing in the accounting and financial industries and serving Los Angeles, Orange County, the San Francisco Bay Area and Chicago has put together this list of some of the most common interview questions along with some tips on giving the right answer.

Why Did You Choose Our Company?

The interviewer wants to know if you have a real interest in working for his or her company or were just sent over randomly by the accounting headhunter. First, make sure you know some information about the company, and then think through why you would want to work there. Do not try to bluff your way through this question: do your homework, and you will likely impress the interviewer as someone who is probably a good fit for the organization.

Why Should We Choose You?

Applicants for everything from entry-level accounting positions to VP finance jobs often have a hard time talking about their accomplishments, skills and talents. To some, it feels like bragging, but now is not the time for undue modesty. If you want to get hired, this question is the perfect opportunity to sell yourself and let the hiring authority know you have something of value to offer the organization.

What is Your Best Characteristic? Your Worse?

Make a point to mentally inventory some of your strengths and weaknesses before the interview. Paint a picture in your mind of how your positive attributes work to your advantage. Next, try to think of ways your less desirable traits could work to your advantage. For example, you could say something like, “Sometimes I am so obsessive over a work project that I lose sleep. I am working on gaining more balance.”

For help mastering the interview process and getting a shot at the right positions for your specific skills and temperament, visit Beacon Resources. The expert placement professionals will help guide you through each part of your job search.