The Blockchain-Revolution is changing more and more industries and we see a large number of exciting new use cases of this technology. One that in our opinion has the potential of utter disruption of an existing sector is the use of Blockchain in the context of intellectual property (IP). IP comes in many forms and stands from everything ranging from inventions, to cutting edge scientific research, art, music, texts to 3d files, video game mechanics or code and even trade secrets in the possession of companies. IP law follows the guidelines of the World Intellectual Property Organization, an agency of the United Nations, and while offering effective way to protect your creation, this system is complex and the required protection is very costly.

IPCHAIN database ( is a project supported by leading authorities on intellectual property that aims to change that. Having a established a strong partnerships with WIPO Green, the tech division of WIPO, Dennemeyer Group, the largest IP law firm in the world, as well as a number of leading research organizations and universities, IPCHAIN Database is developing a platform that addresses the needs of inventors, scientists, artists and companies and helps to revolutionize the way IP is protected. IPCHAIN does work hand in hand with the established IP law system and thus entertains good relations with a number of the biggest Patent and Trademark Offices worldwide, who will be using the Database to conduct their own prior art research. Users will be able to publish information on the Blockchain and this ensure that they can prove their status as author in court or legal proceedings. This is highly relevant for the millions of defensive publications in research per year but also for defending your copyrights as an artist. Further IPCHAIN Database will allow users to safely share confidential information and to sell or buy IP rights with a secure marketplace.

“Everyone with a background in research or IP understands about the potential of using this amazing new technology to better protect the interests of innovators and we are happy and very grateful for the positive feedback and the great support by many leading stakeholders in IP.”, says Dominik Thor, Founder and CEO of IPCHAIN Database.

After analyzing the project we agree that the potential seems enormous and IPCHAIN Database seems to have a strong headstart on any other potential competitor with a large number of impressive partnership, a MVP to be released this spring and an advisory board that consists of leading experts, among them two former WIPO directors.

IPCHAIN Database’s Token Presale is starting on March 24 th 2018. For moreinformation visit