March 26, 2018, London: Bubbled is building a globally persistent, decentralised augmented reality (AR) cloud which facilitates a community led eco-system to experience, create and share user generated and branded AR content within a fair and open framework of governance.

The presale is due to start 2nd April 2018.

Powered by Ethereum smart contracts, BigchainDB, IPFS and traditional web technologies, the foundation of Bubbled’s decentralised AR cloud revolves around the ownership of virtual spaces tied to real world locations. Akin to website domain registration, Bubbled is building a decentralized virtual land register where participants can choose areas of the globe they wish to own, control and monetise; storing the physical land coordinates on the blockchain, as virtual namespaces for persistent virtual content from the decentralised AR cloud.

Bubbled’s AR land owners will be able to:

  • insert 3D images and content
  • lease out virtual land to third parties
  • decide on which types of branded content is shown on their land
  • set the resale price
  • participate and vote on key governance and constitutional issues affecting their land blocks.

“An ethical governance of AR spaces and a robust platform serving multiple constituencies is at the heart of our work at Bubbled” said Andre Voisin, CEO. “We envision a world interconnected and seamlessly interwoven with decentralised technologies that democratise control and allow communities to create new and exciting markets. However, we believe that there should be a governance for virtual spaces so there is an accountability for bad actors and route to legal recourse.The same way there are watchdogs like the Advertising Standards Authority setting a code of conduct for outdoor advertising. Ownership means accountability. We have initiated the conversation around ethics, AR and blockchain through the creation of the  Bubbled Framework for Augmented Reality Content (BFAR) a code we encourage all involved in immersive AR content space to adapt and contribute to for self governance.”

Presale Information

The pre-sale will begin on 2 April 2018 to reach the soft cap of £850k (Approx. $1.2m).

Participants can contribute to Bubbled’s pre-sale by registering at or reserve tokens from now by playing ethereum-based game Blocklord ( a dapp built on the Bubbled platform, and receive a 20% bonus.

Main Token Generation Event
The main token generation event will shortly follow the presale and end once the hard cap of £9m (Approx. $12.7m) is reached. There will 220,000,000 BBL tokens in total, available for purchase.

BBL tokens will be distributed shortly after the end of the crowdsale.

Token Distribution Information
There are a total of 400,000,000 BBL tokens outstanding, with 220,000,000 available via the presale and main crowdsale. Any tokens not sold during the pre-sale will be available for purchase during the crowdsale. Tokens will be distributed to contributors shortly after the crowdsale is completed.

Allocation of BBL tokens can be located at or by playing Ethereum-based game Blocklord ( a desktop-based dApp (Decentralized Application) which uses Bubbled’s mapping system to identify and digitize locations globally as unique assets in a ‘crypto-version’ of Monopoly.

About Bubbled

Founded in London in 2017, Bubbled is using the blockchain to manage virtual spaces tied to real world-locations, facilitating governance for AR platforms. As a globally persistent content cloud powered by Ethereum blockchain smart contracts, BigchainDB, IPFS and traditional web technologies, Bubbled’s framework supports a decentralised ecosystem to create, share and consume AR content within a democratic, community-driven framework. To learn more, please visit and