DIWtoken.com plans to introduce a blockchain based Digital Vault for the storage of sensitive data, which grants access to a Payment Gateway for both crypto and fiat currency, a Global Directory for transparent business relationships featuring an Escrow Service for virtual payments, all by facilitating the information on a decentralised network with its own ecosystem and currency. To achieve that, DIW is proceeding with a crowdfunding that will enable the development of this project. The Whitelist Private Period is currently in progress, enabling early bird participants to benefit from preferential treatment as well as the best pricing that will ever be available for participation to the initiative. The Pre-ICO will run from the 6th to the 20th of March and the ICO from the 27th of March to the 10th April 2018 where the public is welcome to participate!

DIW plans to address the following critical issues:

  • Advancing Data Breaches
  • Difficulty in utilizing Cryptocurrency in the ‘real world’
  • Growing online fraud

DIW plans to proceed with developing the following to tackle the aforementioned issues:


  • The creation of a Secure Digital Vault where individuals, as well as organisations, will be able to store, maintain and, if necessary, selectively share their sensitive, private digital assets, including all kinds of digital documentation securely as well as login details to name a few. This will enable them to escape the current vicious circle of finding a solution (always centralised thus far), having their data breached, scrambling to contain the damage, and looking for the next ‘secure’ solution. Access is granted anonymously, using only the Ethereum wallet address of the holder. For added security, DIW will provide its premium members with the option of a hardware wallet


  • The creation of a Payment Gateway accepting both fiat as well as cryptocurrency: DIW plans to introduce an easily integrated check-out solution. This will be developed for most of the common open-source platform-based Content Management Systems powering most modern e-commerce websites. The payment gateway will benefit both the end users as well as e-commerce shop owners. It will offer the opportunity to e-commerce shop owners to break new grounds by accepting cryptocurrency making it main stream. Leading to an increasing market share as well as boosting their popularity and public sense of security as the gateway will offer the shopper the option of proceeding with a purchase without having to create an account within the specific e-commerce website as they will be able to simply login via their DIW account. DIW will then automatically supply the seller with the details and funds necessary for the completion of the transaction. The DIW token will be featured as the most preferred, secure and cost-effective means of payment.


  • The creation of a Global Directory: Developing a global directory, where everyone within – individuals and organisations alike – will be true to their identity and services is what DIW aims to achieve. KYC and KYS documentation will have to be supplied to DIW (the only centralised aspect of the project) by everyone interested to get listed under DIW’s global directory for identity verification. Each member’s secure digital vault will be the doorway to the directory as it will be their account’s backbone. Everyone within the directory will then be able to proceed with full transparency and reassurance whilst conducting business with each other. The directory will come to feature a rating system for each member, further boosting trust between its members. Once more, the DIW token will be featured as the most preferred, secure and cost-effective means of payment.


  • The incorporation of a Paid Escrow service: To further boost security as well as efficiency and trust within the network, DIW plans to introduce a paid escrow service in the form of digital smart contracts that will enable parties initiating transactions to clearly pre-set their terms for what would be described as a ‘successful transaction’. These terms will be disclosed to the other party at the end of the transaction with the transaction going ahead only if these are acceptable to them. Upon confirmation, the funds agreed will be reserved by the digital contract service and will only be released to the entitled party if all the pre-agreed terms have been met. A small fee for this service will be charged by the network with the cost-effective option being if the transaction’s selected method of payment was the DIW token.


  • DIW’s vision: The inclusion of Electronic Health Records (EHRs): The vision of DIW is to address another critical security concern: That of the secure storage, maintenance and availability of sensitive, private EHRs. This documentation will be stored within each member’s secure digital vault. Furthermore, the system will enable the secure exchange of selected health records between the account holder and medical professionals and institutions boosting the account holder’s health and chances of recovery due to the accuracy as well as immediate availability of said records.

All the above proposed solutions are just the beginning as per DIW’s comments as these will grow with time, becoming able to incorporate many more aspects of life with imagination and technology being the only limiting factors.

The currency of the Project

Above mentioned solutions are ever more needed and current in today’s digital world with data breaches being constantly at the forefront of the global news. What the statistics are showing regarding this is shocking.

As per DIW’s whitepaper, ‘a recent statistic revealed that there were 9 billion data records stolen since 2013 with 96% of the data stolen perfectly usable and useful to hackers. That’s a staggering 60 records per second! During 2017’s first half alone, an estimated 2 billion records have been breached with government, technology, education and healthcare being the sectors most hit’.

The underlying cause of the above, is the centralised nature of how we store our data. Blockchain technology – the technology that DIW is betting the success of its project on – comes to change all that with the introduction of true ‘decentralisation’. At any given time, data stored within a blockchain network is highly encrypted and distributed across its members with no one having overall ownership over it. There’s no central point for hackers to attack. Only authorised account holders may access their data, with it being encrypted and secure while at the same time accessible via the revolutionary peer-to-peer hosting solution enabled by DIW’s network.

Alcaeus Labs’ – the company launching DIW’s project – CEO and Co-Founder, Stephanos Constantinou, further mentioned that: “When assessing the issues that the digital world faces, such as data breaches & online fraud, along with the limited ability to utilize cryptocurrency, it occurred to us that actually marrying the two should and could be done. DIW came up with the solution and we felt inspired to step in helping out towards the actualization of the project via the utilization of blockchain technology”.

There’s a widespread optimism surrounding blockchain technology with Andreas Antonopoulos – the renowned blockchain expert – having recently stated that a blockchain network equals a “decentralized trust network” and that blockchain technology is “the most exciting technology that’s been invented since the Internet”.

All the above, make DIW’s project highly current, necessary and feasible.

Get Whitelisted and Participate in the Private Period  

Everyone is invited to join this unprecedented project now. As stated, the early bird whitelist participation stage is currently on, providing individuals with the maximum number of DIW Tokens that will ever be rewarded in any of the crowdfunding stages.

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