DIW is pleased to announce its partnership with Ties.DB.

What is Ties.DB?

Ties.DB is the world’s first database product for the crypto community. It’s a public, decentralized, distributed NoSQL database for the storage of Ethereum-based decentralized applications (DApps). It is created by the crypto community for the crypto community.

Ties.DB successfully completed its ICO back in October 2017, having raised $9 million USD.

How will the Ties.DB database be utilized

DIW will be proceeding with encrypting each database transaction prior to utilizing the services of the Ties.DB database which in turn will be further encrypting, decentralizing and storing our database. This will provide maximum security to the DIW network, enhance its speed and guarantee the availability of the network’s most critical data.

About DIW and its achievements

DIW is a next generation, blockchain based decentralized global network that will allow its members to store, maintain and selectively share all kinds of sensitive, critical digital data as well as their services in a secure, fully transparent environment.

The DIW project has been receiving rave reviews from blockchain specialists, ICO rating sites as well as individuals from all over the world. It has gathered an unprecedented level of endorsement from the crypto community and has already amassed a fan base of over 23k supporters.

The project is currently in its crowdfunding stage with its whitelist private participation period already completed, and with its PRE-ICO launching on the 6th of March 2018. ICO is scheduled to start on the 27th of March.

The Team behind DIW has been extremely active since the project’s inception and has already completed a ton of work in regards to the concept and actualization of the project, its underlying technology, team, advisors and partner composition as well as the progressive release of articles, news, announcements videos and the launch of a global marketing campaign.

What to expect from DIW

All of the project’s supporters have come to expect greatness from it and that’s what its team is determined to deliver.

More partnership announcements currently solidified in the background are to follow soon.