Current Cryptocurrency Trends: Will DasCoin be the next Bitcoin?

In the recent years, cryptocurrency has not only gained popularity, but also a name for itself as the possible method of trade in the future to potentially replace cash and credit cards. Cryptocurrency is a digital type of currency that utilizes techniques and encryptions to regulate the creation of currency units, as well as secure the verification and transfer of funds. This kind of currency doesn’t operate under the auspices of a central bank, so it’s more open to the public. Because of its openness to the public, the general audience has experimented and played around with a lot of its components.

Bitcoin has become the face of the cryptocurrency trade and it is notorious for its volatility, as well as its return on investment for the early investors. People who have just gotten into cryptocurrency are a bit disappointed that they weren’t able to ride on the Bitcoin train when it started out.

Since information is more accessible to the public right now, people have been looking for the next cryptocurrency to invest in, whether it’s DasCoin, Ethereum, NEO or others. Traders are always keeping themselves informed of the latest trends in order for them to make the most lucrative choices when it comes to which cryptocurrency they will purchase or sell.

The Rise of Altcoins

Current cryptocurrency trends of 2018 include the rise of many different cryptocurrencies and altcoins. Altcoins, or alternative coins, were created by many different companies after the huge success and popularity of bitcoin. An altcoin is another term for cryptocurrencies such as DasCoin, PacCoin, Monero and others.

In 2018, these altcoins have gained confidence in marketing their coins after the slight decline of bitcoin in the beginning of the year. Altcoins have been more aggressive in their online strategies and have invested time and effort in the creation of websites, symposiums and other promotional materials for potential and current investors. These new cryptocurrencies have proven that they can also deliver the same thing as Bitcoin, without the high fees.

Cryptocurrency Trade and Information Groups

Cryptocurrency has invaded social media platforms, with people forming various groups and conferences to talk about DasCoin and other altcoins.There have been reports of altcoins that haven’t been delivering the services and value that they have promised. This has created a lot of tension in the cryptocurrency communities, as it has become more common to hear about the latest “pump and dump” scam.

The issues surrounding altcoins not delivering on their whitepaper promises have created distrust in some crypto communities. In the recent months, they’re not as open to investing their money as they initially were at the start of Bitcoin’s famous rise to prominence.

Community’s Feedback and Review

The cryptocurrency community has been actively participating in punishing the bad coins and promoting the good ones simply by trading in currencies they want to support. This community policing allows a new trend of safer and better altcoins. Many new altcoins are afraid to screw up because of the fear of being blacklisted in the startup, tech or crypto communities.

Aside from massive and comprehensive feedback and reviews of the different coins, the crypto mining industry demand has also reached an all time high, with the price of graphic cards increasing substantially to accommodate mining requirements.