The game protocol is a blockchain-based pool of gaming ecosystem that enables people to come together and share different skills and resources on gaming so that everyone can create and release their own games. It gives opportunities for game producers to develop new games according to their specifications in terms of version. The subscribers of the Game Protocol community usually have the opportunity to exchange cryptocurrency (Game Protocol Tokens) depending on their economy enabling participants to use real cash and be rewarded. On the other hand, a blockchain is a decentralized database system that enables cryptocurrencies to be exchanged between parties and facilitates a secure online transaction by recording the transactions data using a digital ledger.

What are the components of Game Protocol?

The platform has different features where the subscribers can access online games that accepts native cryptocurrencies (GPTs), it also has an additional component where it grants people the right to use their software development kit to create and develop new games that’s suits their version. Game producers can work together as a GP community, develop and release new games after exchanging different skills, experiences and resources on the platform.

The platform also provides a game starter component where a game producer can issue new Game-Specific Chip (GSC) through the game started to initiate funding for their new games with help from GP. It helps in crowdfunding new games on one platform hence enabling producers to develop games without abiding by the notions of the publisher. Subscribers exchange the native cryptocurrencies (Game Protocol Tokens) for the new issues GSCs. Since it’s a one-stop crowdfunding platform, a game producer has the advantage of interacting with a large community with many cryptocurrencies and gaming skills and experiences thus the game can get.

Benefits of using cryptocurrencies in Game Protocol.

Through the exchange of many cryptos, game protocol benefits both the gamers and developers in a number of ways. Since producer of the new game will have to pay developers to work on his game, Game Protocol offers instant payouts and the game developers are guaranteed to receive, their funds instantly and the gamers can make withdrawals of their funds they receive from the developed games within a short period. These instant payouts are initiated by the exchange of Game Protocol Tokens, a cryptocurrency of the economy that allows quick transaction ensuring no delay on approval of payments made, unlike other cryptocurrencies. The exchange mechanism helps in growth of the economy and benefits both participants (developer and producer) as they are rewarded financially through use of real money.

Through the use of the cryptocurrency exchange mechanism, it’s a secure decentralized gaming platform that guarantees developers and producers 100% security to their payments unlike other payments methods like debit and credit cards. The use of crypto ensures no phony transactions and removes worries about fraud and hacking activities between the two participants. This ensures developers concentrate and focus on developing great games to suit the producer specifications. GP being a platform for many developers, it provides the opportunity to get assistance from each other and share ideas on developing games

Who is the person behind the Game Protocol?

Jonathan Swerdlow CEO of Game protocol has been one of the architects behind this B2B gaming organization. He has years of expertise in dealing with the online gaming industry. His expertise in innovation, marketing, and sales that lead Game Protocol through its path to success.