Camuso CPA, a rapidly growing Charlotte CPA firm, has officially opened a tax preparation division aimed at the budding cryptocurrency industry.

The new division caters to clients from Camuso CPA’s network of investors, miners and small businesses along with taxpayers who need help dealing with bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Earlier this year, Camuso CPA announced that they are accepting Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies as form of payments for their services. Camuso CPA is the first CPA firm in the country to accept cryptocurrency payments in return for professional services.

Patrick Camuso, founder and managing partner at Camuso CPA, is a strong proponent of blockchain technology – taking his evangelism to ESPN Radio and financial publications such as Financial Advisor IQ and subsequently stating the benefits and breakthroughs of blockchain.

This market is already here,” ….. “even if an uncertain regulatory environment creates short-term uncertainty for institutional investors like pension funds and big endowments,” says Patrick in one of his talks with Financial Advisor.

The company has spent much of the year streamlining their process for analysis and preparation for cryptocurrency investors, miners and businesses.

“There is significant misinformation regarding the regulations and taxation structure for cryptocurrencies on the social media, forums and discussion boards.” said Patrick Camuso in a statement.  “Regulations and firms like Camuso CPA that work closely with investors on financial reporting are the next step to bringing compliance and legitimacy to the industry.”

This move represents another step forward in Camuso CPA’s involvement in the blockchain space. Working across financial services, real estate, and small businesses, Camuso CPA has been providing top level service to a wide range of clients nationwide.

The firm is dedicated to building long lasting and mutually beneficial business relationships that allow entrepreneurs and businesses to reap the benefits of the bourgeoning Blockchain industry and beyond.

Camuso CPA creates a unique approach to the cryptocurrency community, by striving to bring transparency and credibility to the Blockchain community and evangelizing Blockchain to the public.


About Camuso CPA

Headquartered in Charlotte, NC, the CPA firm provides a full service for cryptocurrency investors, miners and small businesses Nationwide. Taking a modern approach to financial services, their team is dedicated to exploring the latest technology and leveraging existing systems to create the ideal solution to the biggest challenges faced by businesses and investors.

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Name: Patrick Camuso

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