The rise of blockchain-based services is swiftly changing customers’ perceptions and preferences. As they embrace the advantages of the new tech, the customers become unwilling to put up with inefficiencies of the older systems. They require solutions that are more reliable and transparent.

One industry that’s currently undergoing fundamental change is games of chance. For decades, if not centuries, the industry was dominated by business models that were neither scam- nor error-proof. Operators could not provide assurance that they protected the players from manipulation and mismanagement, or that the play was fundamentally fair. This undermined confidence, as well as the overall attraction of the game.

The response from customers was predictable: they rushed to the platforms that can provide real proof of quality and fair play. These platforms are now based on the Bitcoin and the blockchain.

Bitplay Club, an aspiring online game operator, designed a simple, however provably fair, lottery format. It is based on a formula provided on the lottery website, and the hash values of recently found Bitcoin blocks. Players choose numbers before the drawing deadline. The winning numbers are then determined using the hashes of the recent Bitcoin blocks found on the blockchain after the deadline.

The Bitplay Club Lottery provides a clear and user-friendly interface, fit for both new users and more sophisticated players. The company believes that online lotteries should not become too complicated, as they – when properly designed – serve as a great entertainment tool.

The formula that calculates the winning numbers is posted for everyone’s review. The widget provided on the company website enables anyone to check whether the formula is working and reliable.

Bitplay Club predicts that the shift to blockchain-based platforms will gain traction among most lottery operators, and become fundamental in fulfilling the fair play requirement.

Once the lottery receives sufficient customer feedback, the company plans to review how it fits the client. Further changes will be swiftly provided to uphold the quality and enhance user satisfaction.

Bitplay Club intends to roll out several further lottery products, to satisfy the ever growing demand for change and product variety.

The company intends to become a major blockchain lottery operator by providing gaming services that are fully auditable, transparent, and 100% provably fair.

Bitplay Club Lottery is available on desktop and mobile platforms. Both platforms were launched on December 8, 2017, so there have been 48 draws since. The jackpot has yet to be hit and at January 24, 2018, is above 4.232551 BTC.

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