ABBC Foundation is all set to launch their brand-new MC(Multi-Crypto) wallet on 15th of June. The wallet will be launched as a part of the complete event that will take place from 15th June to 14th July and under this period, the company will be giving away 100 ABBC coins as a bonus to the users along with an additional 10 ABBC coins for each referral. The company has released the complete user guide to MC wallet that features all the details of the registration process, KYC details, download information, wallet Dashboard details and more.

The users can download the MC wallet from Play Store, App Store, Windows, and Mac and after logging into the wallet, they have to click the ‘EVENT’ Button to get 100 free ABBC coins in their wallet. All the users to complete the KYC process will not only be eligible for bonus 100 ABBC coins but also an extra 10 ABBC coins, everytime they refer a friend. They can simply copy the referral link to their account and share it with friends. Everytime someone downloads and registers with the MC wallet, the user will receive 10 ABBC coins as a bonus in their wallet.

Users can also download wallet from Event site (

The registration process will differ slightly for the new and existing users of the MC wallet.

Here is the complete user guide provided by the ABBC Foundation:

1: For New Users

1.1 MC Wallet Registration:

After installation user have to register first by following the given steps:

Step 1:

KYC (required)

  • Username
  • Email
  • Password
  • Confirm password
  • Country
  • Mobile (verification through SMS)

After KYC user will receive a system generated verification message to complete the KYC.

Step 2:

Four Digit pin (required)

After successful verification users have to give four-digit secret pin. They will use this pin for accessing the application while it is on idle mode (standby, foreground etc.).

Step 3:

Facial recognition (optional)

This is the step where user can register their face for login and transaction process. This step can be skipped and the user can add their face later if they want to from the settings option.

Step 4:

Finger Authentication (optional)

Here in this step user can add their finger authentication. This is also an optional step and the users can easily add finger authentication from setting option if they skip at the time of registration process.  

Step 5:

Coin selection (required)

This is the last step of registration where users have to select the coins for creating wallet which they want to use within MC wallet e.g.  ABBC coin, Bitcoin etc.

  1. Existing Users:

2.1 MC wallet Login:

Here we are assuming our user is already registered and needs to login in MC wallet. For login user have three options:

Step 1: Following are the options for login to MC wallet.

  • Username and password (required).
  • Face recognition.(optional)
  • Finger Authentication. (optional).

3.1. Left Drawer Menu:

  • MC wallet Dashboard:
  • Settings
  • My Account
  • About
  • Logout

Step 1: MC wallet Dashboard:

After successful login user will enter in MC wallet Dashboard where they can see coin wallet list which is selected from coin selection (step 5).user can filter coin according to name, balance, market value, change (24h). If the user wants to add more coins, they can easily add into list from add button.

Step 2: MC wallet Home:

This screen will appear when the user clicks on coin listed in dashboard. In the home section user can perform the following task

  • Send coins
  • Receive coins
  • Transaction history

Step 3: Send coins:

User can send coins to other wallet using four-digit pin (required), face recognition (if enabled by user) or finger authentication (if enabled by user). For sending coins users should have QR code or wallet address of receiver.

Step 4: Receive coins:

User can easily receive coins from other wallet by using their QR code or wallet address.

Step 5: Transaction history:

User can see all transaction history.

3.2. Settings:

In settings option, the user can change the default currency for MC wallet and also,

  • The user can select coins.
  • The user can change pin code.
  • Transaction security.
  • The user can enable or disable face recognition and finger authentication if they don’t want at the time of the transaction.
  • Login security.
  • User can enable or disable face recognition and finger authentication if they don’t want at the time of login.

3.3. My account:

This is the section where the user can update their personal information e.g. password etc.

3.4 About:

This section will go to our website (

3.4 Logout:

The user can log out the application.

More information about the ABBC Foundation and the upcoming event can be found at