The whole team at Veredictum wants to say “Thank you!”

Thank you for having faith in our vision!
Thank you for having faith in our team! and
Thank you for supporting our project!

Now that we have just launched our demo sites to show the vision of where we see our technology heading and to show our capability:

Digital Fingerprinting of video files demo
Video Content Certification demo

It is our turn to say Thank you to you by giving you and your friends a 50% Token Bonus

The Offer

For the first 7,752 ETH only, we will give you and your friends an additional bonus of 50% additional tokens on the tokens you have already purchased. (Please note this does not apply to any volume bonus tokens received).

As our true supporters, you are the first to be made aware of this deal, and can get your friends on board early. For all new supporters, including your friends, there will be a reducing bonus structure as follows:

  • 50% bonus on tokens purchased until Monday September 4 UTC 09:00
  • 40% bonus on tokens purchased until from Monday September 4UTC 09:01 to Wednesday September 6 UTC 9:00
  • 30% bonus tokens on tokens purchased until Wednesday September 6 UTC 09:01 to Friday September 8 UTC 9:00
  • 25% bonus tokens made available from Friday September 8 UTC 09:01 to Saturday September 9 UTC 9:00
  • 20% bonus tokens made available from Saturday September 9UTC 09:01 to Sunday 10 UTC 9:00
  • 10% bonus tokens made available from Sunday September 10UTC 09:01 to Monday 11 UTC 9:00

So, the quicker your friends sign up, the more bonus tokens they will get – and the great thing, yours are already safe!

Please note: Once we hit 7,752 ETH in the crowdsale the above bonus offer will cease. These bonuses will made available manually at the end of the crowdsale.


When we wrote the smart contract for our Token Sale we wanted the contract to be as secure as possible. This meant keeping the smart contract simple. We priced Ventana at $0.333 per token. This price was based on the average price of ETH over the previous 60 days as seen on This averaged out to $258 at the time. We hard baked our smart contract to reflect the minimum raise of 7,752 ETH – approximately $2m. This is the amount we need to build and market the decentralised registration of video content and the automated digital fingerprinting as seen in the demos above.

Since we launched on August 14, however, the price of Ethereum has risen to $388, a 50% rise beyond the average price of the previous 60 days. As faithful supporters, you may be feeling some resentment at having supported us because you supported us early. We do not want this to happen so we want to help you, which at the same time help us.

Up until the end of our crowdsale on September 11 at 09:00 UTC we need to raise a minimum of 7,752 ETH. If we fail to reach this figure, the crowdsale will fail and you will automatically be able to claim your ETH back – it’s hard baked into the smart contract – and you can check out the smart contract and its audit here.

So, it’s heads you win and tails you win for both you and your friends:

  • If we don’t hit the minimum figure you and your friends get your Ethereum back
  • If we do, you or your friends support our crowdsale you get up to 50% bonus tokens

But hurry the offer only lasts until we reach 7,752 ETH so get your fiends to sign up today and take advantage of this great offer.

Tim Lea

PS if you have any queries please join our telegram group and we will answer your queries. You can sign up here.