As a new user, you can get started with Bitcoin without understanding the technical details. Here at the Bitcoin Podcast, we are a weekly long form conversation format show whose foundation is an accurate source of information, news and commentary. Our guests are successful writers, producers and instructors from all corners of the bitcoin community. There’s lots more to the show, but it’s sort of hard to describe. Probably the best way to understand the show is to start listening!

Our goal as a network is to become a front runner in the cryptocurrency news/audio space.



Marcello is an art director with 10+ years of experience, having worked directly with major global advertising agencies, such as Dell, IBM, Circuit of the Americas, PayPal, and more. He carries a degree in advertising design.


Demetrick has a bachelors from Texas Tech University wherein he studied Mathematics and statistics. He is currently a consultant with an affinity for bitcoin.


Corey graduated with his Ph.D in Chemical Physics and landed a post-doctoral fellowship in São José dos Campos, São Paulo, Brazil. He has had a long passion for technology, as well as its role in society and life. Over the past few years, much of his free time has been focused on researching everything Bitcoin.



Dillon Vedral spearheads our merch and storefronts.