Not Another Bitcoin Podcast #12: Jimmy Song

Episode 12
December 22, 2017 — 83 mins
Guests: Jimmy Song

It almost feels like the Cryptoverse is a desolate planet of intellectuals, where intelligence runs scarce and stupid rome rampant. In times like this the PABs all tend to look to the most intelligent person in the room, rather than think for themselves. Right now, that person is Jimmy Song. With fake news and FUD fueling FOMO, it’s a refreshing change of pace to see bitcoin enthusiasts like Jimmy Song staying cool, keeping calm and relaxing in a burning building. So to speak. Bitcoin core has the best developers in the world working on making it the best blockchain for storage and transfer of value. Meanwhile, BitcoinCash is trying to divide bitcoins hashing power just to compete with currency coins like Litecoin and DASH. Which already fill the need of being “digital cash”. At least until Bitcoins blockchain is finished. Why hasn’t Coinbase integrated Segwit? What effects can the loss of Net Neutrality have on decentralized cryptocurrencies? Can our ISP censor the blockchain? Press play and jam out to everyone’s favorite Song to find out more!

  1. sarada

    4 weeks ago

    omg, i want to be rich like you i am very poor 🙁