Execution is Going to Push Bitcoin Forward

Execution is a rare quality in people.  I have found that rarely ever do people know how to actually execute an idea.  If you take something that is rare amongst people it becomes even harder to find when we put together a group of people.  I think this is where we have gotten to when it comes to the core developers.  I think that they are just afraid to act on a scaling plan for bitcoin.  It seems to me that they are so worried about bitcoin failing if they make a move that they are crippling bitcoin to stagnation.  Bitcoin is the honey badger of money, and that honey badger don’t give a f***!

Bitcoin is going to be fine, the genie is already out of the bottle when it comes to bitcoin.  There is a demand for a private currency that has the same qualities as 1 gram of gold or copper.  Since that demand has been established, it isn’t as if all of these holders are going to agree in unison that bitcoin is worthless, because it isn’t.  Bitcoin is the natural evolution of value exchange we are here now, and we need to act accordingly.  We as users, miners, developers, merchants, and the entire community need to push for a blocksize increase as quickly as possible.  We just need to execute a change.  The economic viability of bitcoin is already there to support a change in the system.  The only way to optimize the change is to see what happens after the change.  I have some schooling in engineering, and I know not everything can be engineered to perfection, so with this many variables at play, we must accept imperfection and optimize accordingly.  In fact, most engineering degrees require a hefty amount of hours in the lab.  I think that there has been plenty of time spent “in the lab”, let’s engineer a change, execute a plan, and then assess the results.  Bitcoins path to progression isn’t going to be a stale argument over something that we all see needs to change.  Ideas will remain ideas if they are never acted upon.  Let’s execute!