The Bitcoin Podcast

The Bitcoin Podcast #281: Eric Fulton of Keybase

Guest-Host Taylor Monahan joins the round table, and once again, mass adoption is brought up but taking a more psychological approach to the issue. The discussion covers the gamut of problems with mass adoption who is in the space, custodial companies, quantitative easement, age of empires, the humanities, and how far down the rabbit hole should people go. The Interview is with Eric Fulton of Keybase.


Created in 2016, Keybase is end-to-end encryption messaging and public chat services. It allows for existing social media services as an identification verifier for the platform like Twitter, Mastodon- Github. With the usage of social media as an identification verifier, Keybase seeks to cut down on the spam, fake accounts, and give users a better opportunity to interact with the real person behind a Keybase account. The services also allow cryptocurrency wallet support of Bitcoin, Zcash, and Stellar as a means to tip people on the platform.


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