Swipe that Card ­­Secure Your Future!

Bitcoin, the ultimate asymmetrical investment, the Sultan of savings vessels, the Great Bambino of banking disruption, the Echelon of future earnings…has a simplicity issue.  There is too much friction when seeking out to attain it!  For those of you that are into bitcoin like myself, you are most likely shaking your head right now and saying, “It is not hard at all to get bitcoin.”  And, to you, and to me, it is pain stakingly easier than it used to be…you know­­ wiring money overseas to some sketchy exchange that has an “about” webpage full of broken english and too little punctuation.  Now it is easier than ever to acquire bitcoin…but…one company with one app has made this an even easier endeavor than it has before. One word, Lawnmower. One site, One app, Lawnmower. So much beauty in simplicity.

So, how does this company and their app make your life easy?  They take the thought out of saving bitcoin, and the stress too.  Similar to any standard issue “keep the change” promotion at your local money printing shop, Lawnmower will take the leftover change from your purchases needed to make a dollar and stack it up for you.  However, instead of stacking it up in a savings account that is going to end as a loss of wealth over time with that oh so hot 1% return on your savings, Lawnmower takes this spare change and buys bitcoin with it.  With seamless, smooth, and appealing UI and an amazing worry free feel, you can save up the primo digital crypto all while simply just living your life.  Swipe the card for a dinner date ­­securing your future! Swipe the card for some groceries ­­securing your future! Swipe it for petroleum.­­securing your future!

Swipe your card for a prototype of a time machine that actually ends up working­­ go to your future ­­find yourself ­­ask yourself if you feel secure­­self says, “Hell yes! Because, you secured me twenty­-five years ago!”  Although that last hypothetical situation is highly unlikely I do believe you understand the amazingness of the Lawnmower app.  With nifty features like multipliers that stack up your change even quicker, and purchase thresholds to save you money on fees,

Lawnmower becomes a set it and forget it type of financial service that is unmatched in the bitcoin ecosystem.  In my opinion, if you are stateside, and you think bitcoin is going to achieve its potential, then you should absolutely have this app on your phone! Get out there and swipe that card­­ secure your future!