People Pay Premiums on Their Ignorance

Think about how many skills you don’t have.
Think about how many trades you have ignored.
Think about how many books you haven’t read
Think about how many classes you haven’t taken.

If you were to sum up your cumulative ignorance, then I am sure that you will find that what you do know is infinitely less than what you do not know.  There are entire professions built around the ignorance of others.  Professions such as electricians, plumbers, mechanics, various
technicians…so on and so forth.

Bitcoin is an entire universe of ignorance.  Let me qualify what I mean by that statement.  I mean that almost every instance of clarification that is needed with bitcoin is an opportunity.  Those instances aren’t only learning opportunities, but also professional and entrepreneurial
opportunities.  Imagine being the go-­to guy in your city or locality on blockchain infrastructure. Imagine being the go-­to guy when it comes to variable transaction fee structures, block exploration, or private key security practices.  In the near future people will pay a premium on
their ignorance in these areas.

I know that it may seem heartless to say out loud, “Pay me a premium for your ignorance!”  But, that happens with virtually all professions.  I pay a plumber for my ignorance in plumbing.  I pay an electrician for my ignorance of electricity.  I pay a mechanic for my ignorance of automobile engines.  There is a premium to pay for one’s ignorance.  Us, in the bitcoin community have a very unique opportunity in history.  We have the opportunity to build profession from the ground up.  An entire structure for the “how’s” and “why’s” of bitcoin, digital currency, personal security, and personal digital finance needs to be built.  This necessary infrastructure is opportunity, the correlation is direct, and it is nearly one ­to ­one.

SO, be the go­to guy for bitcoin and next thing you know, people will be paying you a premium for their ignorance.