NFT QT 022 โ€“ How Contemporary Art is Coping with NFTs, A Recap of Art Basel 2021

In this episode of the NFT QT podcast QuHarrison Terry and Ryan Cowdrey recap some of the most interesting things they encountered at Art Basel, NFT Basel, and Dcentral Con Miami. They discuss topics including:

  • How the incumbent, contemporary art scene is coping with rise of NFTs
  • How conferences fill the NFT marketing gap that web cookies cannot provide
  • Why we need more In-Real-Life NFT creation booths
  • The Rise of Dynamic NFTs such OG:Crystals
  • 2022 is the year of NFT projects fulfilling their roadmap, case in point with the Boonji Roblox experience
  • Drawing similarities of NFTs to the state of the streetwear movement in 2012

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