NFT QT 019 โ€“ Building the Foodverse with OneRare

In this episode of the NFT QT podcast, QuHarrison Terry is joined by Supreet Raju and Gaurav Gupta, the founders ofย OneRareย โ€“ which is creating a gamified web3 experience for food-lovers called the Foodverse. They discuss topics including:

  • The impetus and vision behind the Foodverse
  • How they plan to use the Foodverse as a way to educate people on blockchain, crypto, and play-to-earn mechanisms
  • How they envision different in-game strategies evolving around farming, holding produce, minting dishes, etc.
  • And ways in which theyโ€™d like to collaborate with existing food media and chefs to onboard them onto the blockchain

For more information on the topics discussed in this episode, head over toย