NFT QT 018 – Why David Salle, the Legendary Contemporary Artist, Decided to Create An NFT

In this episode of the NFT QT Show, QuHarrison Terry secured the show’s most exclusive guest to date: David Salle. For the unfamiliar, David Salle is a world-renowned contemporary artist whose work can be found everywhere from the Guggenheim in New York to the Tate Gallery in London to the Art Institute of Chicago.

David released his very first NFT and we had the honor of speaking with him first about the piece. We discuss topics including:

  • What prompted his decision to create an NFT, when he’s already accomplished so much in his career
  • Whether or not we can enjoy art on screens and what’s different about that medium
  • How he fine-tunes his process of collaborating with other creators
  • Why he loves memes and feels they closely resemble his style of art

For more information on the topics discussed in this episode, head over to

You can view David Salle’s NFT here