NFT QT 013- How to Create Perpetual Non-Profit Donations w/ Rainbow Rolls

In this episode of the NFT QT Show, QuHarrison Terry and Ryan Cowdrey are joined by special guests Chair and Joshua Lapidus, two of the founding members ofย Rainbow Rollsย (also known as NFTP) โ€“ a charitable PFP project where donors receive one of 10,000 cute TP rolls, with over half of the funds being donated to Gitcoin, Giveth, and RIP Medical Debt. We cover topics including:

โ€“ The mission and roadmap of Rainbow Rolls

โ€“ How NFT resales can provide charitable funding in perpetuity

โ€“ The concept of blockchain providing Proof of Accountability for how charities of all kinds report how theyโ€™re using funds

For more information on the topics discussed in this episode, head over toย