Not Another Bitcoin Podcast #9: JP Richardson

Episode 09
August 23, 2017 — 32 mins
Guests: JP Richardson

JP Richardson is the Chief Technical Officer of Exodus Wallet, which is quickly becoming my fav- next to Jaxx of course. In this interview JP and I shoot the shit and talk about his new Desktop wallet application Exodus. Don’t get me wrong Exodus is a nice wallet, but I did have a few dislikes and JP heard em out. Some of the things I didn’t agree with, most of them I understood the stance. Exodus is a noob in the space as far as the product, but the exp behind the wallet is extremely lengthy. When it comes to being your own bank, Exodus makes you the exchange as well. Buy, Trade, HODL!!!

  1. Rich

    4 months ago

    Loved learning about the methods and ideas behind the Exodus wallet. Definitely follow up with these guys.