Not Another Bitcoin Podcast #8: Vortex

Episode 08
August 08, 2017 — 62 mins
Guests: Vortex

From one Network to another Vortex visits The Bitcoin Podcast Network via Not Another Bitcoin Podcast. Himself coming from the World Crypto Network, on YouTube. Vortex knows his shit, especially when it comes to crypto and the future’s potential to flourish thanks to blockchain technology. In this interview we get to talk about past, present and the future of bitcoin and blockchains like altcoins. Vortex explains this current fork and the likely next fork in November (2M block size hardfork). Even goes into details about all the benefits SegWit brings to the table like Atomic Swap and many others. This is my most informational interview yet! You don’t wanna miss this diamond on the blockchain.

  1. Laur

    7 months ago

    Hearing Bitcoin maximalists talk for so long is cancer to the ears.