Not Another Bitcoin Podcast #2: Crypto Maak

Episode 2
July 01, 2017 — 65 mins
Guests: Crypto Maak

Mark aka Crypto Maak has been a hands on crypto enthusiast since 2013. His passion for tech and crypto led him to a profession in the industry, to which he currently still does. He’s a trader and sports gambler at night but by day he is the tech support you hope your ticket goes to. Working for an exchange gives Maak a different POV of the industry, and I had to have him on to talk about it! Besides the trading, betting and tech support work Maak also does DIY mining from home. This makes for an awesome conversation, and you’re in for a treat. Plus we hit the buzzword of the week “scams”, so please join us and press PLAY!

  1. Mystacrypto

    8 months ago

    Great show! was curious if Crypto Maak’s Poloniex lending was directly through their site using this bot (, or something else?

  2. Kenn Bosak

    8 months ago

    As far as I know, he was using the sites lending bot directly.