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HIO Panels #1 – Ethereum’s Serenity (ETH2.0) Developer Experience

Today we announce the start of Hashing It Out Panels, a show where we bring on multiple domain experts to discuss a given topic. Today we dive into what the developer experience will be like for Ethereum’s Serenity (also called ETH2.0). We talk about the roadmap, current state, available tooling, security and more! Corey Petty and Jaye Harrill from Quanstamp moderate a panel containing the following:
Jacek Sieka from Status’ Nimbus
Paul Hauner from Sigma Prime’s Lighthouse
Preston van Loon from Prysmatic Labs’ Prysm
Will Villanueva from ConsenSys’ Quilt
Hsiao-Wei Wang from the Ethereum Foundation

This panel is meant to serve as a primer for the breakout session happening at Devcon 5 regarding developer experience expectations. If you like this and are going, you should definitely attend this session! Also, please fill out the survey linked below to help gather information about what developers want and expect! Enjoy!

Developer Survey

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