Hashing It Out – Secureum – Rajeev and Top Performers of Epoch 0

Today Corey talks with Rajeev Gopalakrishna, founder of Secureum. Secureum is a premiere bootcamp for Web3 security auditors. We’re going to dive into the problem with finding quality talent in the security space and how he’s attempting to fix it. We are also joined by 4 of the top performers in the first iteration of the program to hear about their experience and what their plans are now.

Hashing it Out is also pleased to have provided a reward to these folks of $1337 each for their accomplishments.

Come listen and enjoy learning about the Web3 security ecosystem and how you can join it and find fulfilling work.


– Website:ย https://secureum.xyz

– Twitter:ย https://twitter.com/TheSecureum

– Blog:ย https://secureum.substack.com/