Hashing It Out #34: Storj – Shawn Wilkinson & JT Olio

Episode 34
December 19, 2018 โ€” 77 mins
Guests: Shawn Wilkinson & JT Olio

File storage has long been known as a centralized solution. Storj seeks to change this with their decentralized file storage and retrieval architecture. We’ll go over their design, engineering goals, and challenges. We dive deep into how erasure codes can be used to mitigate replication requirements, how trust is managed on their decentralized platform, and how one can be incentivized to donate their storage space and bandwidth to the world through their network.



  1. Matt Tarca

    5 years ago

    I am pro Storj. Constructive feedback as a fan: stop saying you are just S3 compatible. One rule of startups is that if you are not 10x better than your competitor on some dimension then it is not worth doing. I think Storj is attempting be equivalent to S3 but to win on cost. If so, double down on that and stop being shy about it. Good luck. -a storj supporter