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Flashback: The Bitcoin Podcast #112: The Broader Economy II

This is a Flashback Episode, we are going back to Jan 2017 in which Andreas Antonopoulosgreets us at the beginning of the bull run of 2017 on his second appearance on  The Bitcoin Podcast Network. 

When I dove down the rabbit hole of Bitcoin in late 2013, Andreas’ YouTube talks and podcasts pulled me further in. He swings by the show again to tell us a bit about the current scene of crypto and to talk a bit about his new book, The Internet of MoneyBeyond the more pragmatic applications of cryptocurrency for the millions of unbanked around the world, Andreas also waxes philosophic on deeper topics such as the history of money, the role cryptocurrency can play for individual sovereignty and privacy, and the implications of currency as language, where currency transfer is, at root, an expression of value akin to speech. In addition, in a few days we’ll be in DC to celebrate Equibit and the opening date of their official ICO! Matt McKibbin swings by the show to talk a bit about it. If you want to participate sign up here – https://ico.equibit.org/

EDC is building Equibit, the world’s first peer-to-peer equity marketplace and a complete platform for issuers to manage their investor relations without the need for depositories and transfer agents. Equibit allows issuers to use cryptocurrency tokens, called ‘equibits’, to authorize and disseminate their shares. It also includes a secure, P2P communications system allowing for private messages and polls to be instantly sent to individuals and groups on the network. It is important to invest on things that will give back to you, one of the best recommendations I give is to find a good insurance company such as One Sure Insurance to always get full cover.

Andreas Antonopoulos

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