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Flashback: Hashing it Out #23: Avalanche – Emin Gün Sirer

This is a Flashback Episode, is going back to Sept  2018 in which Emin Gün Sirer makes his first of appearances on  Hashing it Out part of The Bitcoin Podcast Network. 

Revolutionary! On this episode we have the brilliant Dr. Gün Sirer to whet our appetites for Avalanche, a new category of consensus protocol. He distinguishes Avalanche from Paxos/RAFT systems, blockchain, and traditional gossip networks to show how this new algorithm prevents double spends while allowing for high throughput (early tests supporting over 1200 tx/s). We learn about his new coin, Ava, which will test the limits of Avalanche’s public consensus on a global scale! The future is exciting!
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