The Bitcoin Podcast

Episode #97: Hype or Hope

Episode 97
November 06, 2016 — 70 mins
Guests: QuHarrison Terry & James Lloyd

If you bring up blockchain in a normal conversation, most people will immediately start thinking about bitcoin. They’ve probably never used it, but they’ve heard enough to acknowledge it as some “new kind of money”. If you fall into this category, (don’t feel bad, you’re in good company), this episode is here to let you know that there’s a potential for blockchain and its enabling capabilities to solve core problems in healthcare. Healthcare is at a tipping point. You have a one in five chance of re-entering a hospital within 30 days, so the industry is spending on new technology but not making the care any better. Our guest(s) today, CTO James Lloyd and QuHarrison Terry, is the marketing director at Redox. He is a crucial person to have on the show because the dream was to universalize the sharing of data and revolutionize patient care. Yet standards have become fractionalized. Too many hurdles limit access, data remains elusive and sharing has become too cumbersome. This is the interoperability problem, and Redox solves it. They are the bridge from health systems to the cloud and back — interoperability is now open. Both of our thumbs are way up.

Here are some of the gifs we talked about in the episode. Because, why not?

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  1. HJ

    1 year ago

    I’m completely baffled about your talks about age and ability to change. It’s based on your small experience with your teacher and your mum. It reflects very well your small point of view on changing health care.
    You keep one thing stable, i.e. current health care with it’s institution and way of organisation. You praise Obama health care for example. You try to put current health care databases on blockchain tech. And so more. On the other side you try to implement a brand new blockchain tech on the current health system. This is going nowhere, dudes.
    If you really wanna change then you’ve to look with an open eye on what’s happening. It’s not difficult to see because it’s a process of centuries long. It’s all about self-empowerment and decentralisation. The self-empowerment gives you the tools to do whatever you want: share knowledge, value, things and whatever. The decentralisation is important for the governance. You or a group can govern what happens and nobody can stop you from doing it.
    For health care, expect dramatic changes: all kind of Apps to check and manipulate your body, open source medication, local personalised printing of medication, blockchain storages of data with big data possibilities, and take into account what nano-tech can do, …..
    Please go from there and do another podcast about health care.