The Bitcoin Podcast

Episode #96: A Fireside Chat

Episode 96
October 30, 2016 — 60 mins

*holds torch to temple wall* Yep, this is definitely the place you guys. I’m not sure if you’ve heard, but Onecoin is a scam. The good ole boys dig in on the raw rind that is Onecoin to release the true marrow of the beast. Explaining just how this monster of a scam is taking its investors for a what looks like a classic ponzi scheme. It’s information like this that can save you from making a PABesq like financial maneuver. Don’t forget to listen closely and take notes. Onecoin isn’t the first scam and won’t be the last.

Fret not, it’s not all be bad news from the dudes, there are some speculations on this new upward trend in bitcoin adoption. Driving the price up to just over $700.00 USD. Could this be due to Segwits upcoming vote for implementation or the future of the Lightning Network? Corey irons out a very comprehensible breakdown on how Segwit works and how the Lightning Network could help the block size problem. What’s Segwit have to do with it? What’s Lightning Network but a secondary implementation? *points above* LOOK! *puts hand on safari hat* It’s THERE! PLAY, YOU FOOLS! PLAY!