The Bitcoin Podcast

Episode #9: The Curious Case of Remittance

Episode 9
July 19, 2015 — 51 mins
Guests: Sandeep Goenka

We here at the Bitcoin Podcast have started accepting the fact that Bitcoin is emerging as a leading option to help the remittance market not just reduce cost but increase speed as well. Remittances growth to slow sharply in 2015, as total remittances in 2014 reached $583 billion. This is more than double the official development assistance (ODA) in the world. India received $70 billion and the country has its own homegrown Bitcoin companies and there are many international ones who are looking to set up shop in India. Zebpay is one such homegrown Bitcoin company and this week we caught up with Sandeep Goenka, Co-founder of Zebpay and asked him a few questions. Bitcoin is truly a game changer in the remittance markets.