The Bitcoin Podcast

Episode #8: Bitcoin For The Bottom Billion

Episode 8
July 13, 2015 — 51 mins
Guests: Feresteh Forough

Afghanistan is a traditional country with an old history. There are still people who are against educating women and who threaten girls but compared to years ago, there is a considerable growth of women’s participation in many aspects like in education, politics, economy, health, arts, etc. Enter: Fereshteh Forough, currently working as the Central and South Asia Liaison for Citadel of New York, is spreading the message of peace by connecting women in Afghanistan to technology and the rest of the World. She educates and empowers women in Afghanistan with technology by teaching them how to code and once they have the skills sets they need to succeed, she help them find employment as programmers. We talk about how bitcoin has helped shape this revolution and we invite her on the show to talk to us first-hand.