The Bitcoin Podcast

Episode #79: Infrastructure for a Seven Billion World

Episode 79
August 14, 2016 — 96 mins
Guests: Vinay Gupta

Vinay Gupta is basically a 21st-century Übermensch whose work and identity are not easy to pithily summarize.  He’s a technologist, inventor, futurist, systems theorist, and global resilience guru whose life’s work focuses on how to ensure the long-term survival and flourishing of the human race. On the flip-side, this distinction between government and governance is quite subtle. But basically, a bank is an institution which moves money around and provides a set of services. Similarly, a government is an institution which moves governance around and produces services. So in the same way that Bitcoin allows you to issue your own currency, Ethereum allows you to issue your own governance. It was stimulating conversation about a wide variety of topics, including Ethereum, the truth behind Stephan Tual, politics, and basic human needs.

In addition, we run a character piece of Steven McKie, a brilliant mind working at and Yours. Part 1 of 2 included in this episode depicts us trying to connect the dots between childhood struggles and future success. The lasting effects of growing up poor.

Vinay is designing a new venture capital project, focused on complex technologies: