The Bitcoin Podcast

Episode #76: Skynet

Episode 76
July 31, 2016 — 80 mins
Guests: Matt Liston

Matt Liston of the Gnosis prediction market platform discusses the upcoming crowdsale and the structure of the DAO which will manage it’s development. Prior to joining ConsenSys Matt founded Augur (yes, despite what you might hear otherwise!), consulted for EthDev, and designed an IoT blockchain solution for Enlighted. When not DAO-whispering he composes algorithmic music and dreams of a future Skynet-on-a-blockchain. Ethereum is part of a movement in tech to create a decentralized infrastructure that will allow people to organize in completely new ways and rely on an uncontrolled network of computers to be the arbiter between them, rather than a central service or agency. Its called a trustless system. Critics are unclear if this is doublespeak or not. We prefer…Skynet.Welcome to an oasis of futures – a safe place for extreme ideas.