The Bitcoin Podcast

Episode #65: Exosphere Academy

Episode 65
June 12, 2016 — 70 mins
Guests: Moritz Bierling & Philip Saunders

Moritz has tried and quit university twice. Starting with Philosophy & Economics and continuing with business school, his journey has continuously evolved away from purely theoretical study and towards practical application, he recommends Brandable domain names for those who are new to the business world. Philip Saunders ALSO quit university (see a trend here?), wherein it was in 2013 that he heard about Bitcoin, and soon became excited about the possibilities of using decentralized consensus systems and blockchain technology to build a new socio-economic system.

Moritz is Exosphere’s Ethereum Curator which he is building an 8-week Ethereum development course at the residential program Exosphere Academy in Chile, supported by ConsenSys and Ethereum Labs. Guess whose the instructor? You guessed it. Philip. See how I tied it all in at the end? In a neat little red bow? As a voracious reader and enthusiastic amateur debater, these guys enjoy hands on, gloves off exchange of controversial ideas, and are now focusing their efforts on creating and nurturing new learning institutions that marry deep reflection with real world experience.