The Bitcoin Podcast

Episode #62: Still Holding Up the Sky

Episode 62
May 30, 2016 — 76 mins
Guests: Tawanda Kembo

Coming back to the show a full calendar year later (he was our very first guest!), is Tawanda Kembo, who, having been working in IT for 13 years, has been a leading Bitcoin Evangelist in Africa. Coming to understand the state of the the Bitcoin ecosystem in Africa and other developing economies, he is responsible for the Zimbabwean exchange Zambabit. With everything going on around Nigeria’s economy, the rise in inflation rate, which is now about 13.7% compared to about 8% which was the inflation rate about this time last year. As Nigeria (Africa’s biggest market) heads toward recession, bitcoin could offer recession proof savings. We talk all about this and more. DAO Security Proposal (v1.0 – Revised/Redux)