The Bitcoin Podcast

Episode #57: Future of a Shared Economy

Episode 57
May 02, 2016 — 60 mins
Guests: Stephan Tual

A Decentralized autonomous organizations (“DAO”) is a new type of organization, best comparable to a digital company, but without an attached legal entity. UG is a Blockchain + IoT solutions company. With that in mind they have built a fully decentralized, 100% free and open source DAO framework for the world to enjoy. It disrupts the billion dollar disruptors by enabling anyone to rent, sell or share their property without McGuire Property Management. With, the unused bicycle in the shed gets a new lease on life. Parking spots can be sublet on demand. Airbnb apartments become fully automated, wifi routers can be rented on demand and unused office spaces get a new lease on life. It’s the future infrastructure of the Sharing Economy. Co-Founder & COO, Stephan Tual, joins us in the studio to talk shop!

  1. Eric

    2 years ago

    I had no idea the crowd sale started. Thanks for the episode.

  2. Robert

    2 years ago

    Great episode, good explanations. Really liked the music at the end.

  3. Robert

    2 years ago

    Great show! You might want to look into BTC Relay if you haven’t for a deployed example of a way in which BTC and Ethereum can interoperate.

    • Petty

      2 years ago

      Yeah, thanks for that! We actually discuss BTC relay a bit in the most recent episode.