The Bitcoin Podcast

Episode #50: Not Giving a Good Got Damn

Episode 50
April 03, 2016 — 72 mins
Guests: Steven Mckie

Steven McKie is basically a UI designing, business and technical professional with a broad skill set who is committed to any growing, or established business, with the hope to make great friendships along the way. We are the same way, so he was a no-brainer to bring on the show to talk about a variety of topics such as Datt, Yours, Blockchannel, and E-40. OK, maybe not that last one. He has a BSBA in Information Systems Engineering and Technology, and a masters in thuganomics as Crypto alter-ego Lil’ Buterin spits hot blockchains at us…because he spits hot fire.


The General Theory of Decentralized Applications, Dapps: