The Bitcoin Podcast

Episode #42: True Micropayments

Episode 42
February 21, 2016 — 62 mins
Guests: Valerian Bennett

It’s only natural that we keep our eye on the rising tide of alternative content delivery platforms, particularly ones that incentivize decentralization using cryptocurrency. It will likely take years of technical development before this suite of technologies is commercially viable. Yet, this mountain of computer engineering is not our greatest challenge. The real challenge is to build something that’s actually worth building. Enter PopChest, a Santa Monica-based Bitcoin video startup, where users can unlock their favorite content simply by paying in bitcoin. To know more about PopChest and the platform decentralization process, we invite the platform creator, Valerian Bennett, onto the show to discuss his enthusiasm for the world-changing possibilities of Bitcoin. Drop-dro-dro-dro-drop it like Robocop!