The Bitcoin Podcast

Episode #30: Bottoms Up 3

Episode 30
December 13, 2015 โ€” 50ย mins
Guests: Alcohol & Andrew Olson

Every 10th episode of our podcast is concocted to replicate the smell of the fermented grain mash spirit we all know and love. What exactly does that mean? Well, if you follow the show, it means we get together with some friends, drink drinks, light some stoogies, and chat about bitcoin and blockchain topics. Enjoy all the benefits of pouring a nice adult beverage into a functionally designed vessel of your choice, whilst chatting about finance, all without the repercussions, like the frequent 24-hour hangovers, the unsafe hook-ups, the weight gain, etc. Our homie Andrew joins us on the show who has NO CLUE what bitcoin is. We educate him and Marcello has to defend himself on why knowing the identity of the probable creator of bitcoin is important. Remember, sweetness is perceived more on the tongue than in the nose, so press play and drink us in, folks.

In addition, every drunk episode we include a specialized drink for you to sip alongside us as you listen. Meet the modern whiskey sour: Gold Rush Cocktail Recipe:


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  1. Mclovin

    8 years ago

    Thanks for the fan mail shout out and thoughtful response to my question last podcast (I should’ve chosen a more enthralling name like McLovin).

    I find the conversation about Satoshi especially interesting. I agree with Marcello when he says that the identity of the probable creator is important. Say Satoshi owns a small majority of 1 million bitcoins, in 2013 that would have made him a billionaire. It’s kind of deflating to think Craig Wright might be Satoshi because he sounds like such an asshole, but I digress.

    Also, kids these days are all about drinking the Sidewalk Slammer. I challenge one of you to drink it on the next drunk episode.