The Bitcoin Podcast

Episode #29: Take the Power Back

Episode 29
December 06, 2015 — 73 mins
Guests: Filip Martinka

Week in and week out we wait for that magical day where Jesus comes back to earth to carry us away bitcoin is massively adopted. If you use Bitcoin, you definitely know that Bitcoin needs to become more practical. It’s great for cross border transactions but it doesn’t seem ready for the mainstream. Merchants are often stuck in their ways, hard to persuade, and building additional infrastructure takes time and costs money. What if I told you there was a way to buy things with bitcoin without having to wait for merchants to accept Bitcoin? That’s right, Tap & Pay using Bitcoin at any NFC-enabled point-of-sale terminal on the planet, with Plutus, suckas! It is powered by a Decentralized Exchange Network (DEX), which traders can use to buy and sell Bitcoin in return for fiat at the checkout. Merchants do not need to directly accept any digital currencies and customers can convert their balance into fiat on-the-go. Feel like you’re in a dream? Well let us pinch you! This is why it’s time for a new era of payments. Plutus merges both blockchain technology and existing international NFC infrastructure to bring contactless Bitcoin payments into the mainstream. CCO of Plutus Filip Martinka stops by to let you know how the revolution will be televised.

Still not a believer? They have just started a 1 week long bitcoin experiment, where they will spend an entire week paying only using bitcoin through the Plutus contactless payment app.

It seems the long-awaited Mycelium Card Network (MCN) is on the horizon.


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