The Bitcoin Podcast

Episode #27: London Calling

Episode 27
November 23, 2015 — 64 mins
Guests: Coco

We revisit the adult industry this week by featuring upscale London escort agency Fallen Angels. We had a chat with Miss Silvia’s trusted colleague Coco, who provided us with great insight on how this industry + bitcoin go hand in hand. Upon finding out about bitcoin, she told her girls and their travelling clients to use it. This worked out to be best method of value transfer for the sugar daddies indulging in polygamy. The benefits of using Bitcoin were greater for them then the traditional method so much so that they decided to make it their preferred method of payment. Using Bitcoins for high-end escorts could have a huge impact on its overall popularity. Who says humanity’s oldest industry shouldn’t be the one to propel Bitcoin into the future? Giggity Giggity Goo!