The Bitcoin Podcast

Episode #26: Change Jar 3.0

Episode 26
November 16, 2015 — 60 mins
Guests: The Team

We here at The Bitcoin Podcast have been cutting the commerce grass with the ole’ Lawnmower App for a little while now. Round up your everyday purchases, invest the spare change into bitcoin, and live your life happy. It’s a nice slow n’ steady way to accumulate the immortal coin of the almighty. These guys were cool enough to be one of our first guests and they’ve come back to tell us a bit about how they now support thousands of additional banks and credit unions which means those of you who haven’t signed up yet now have no excuse. They’ve been grinding on this update for what seems like forever and are really hyped about finally being able to release it to the public. It’s great…and…download now and get $5 free. That’s free money, bitch! Do it!