The Bitcoin Podcast

Episode #25: The $199 Incentive

Episode 25
November 08, 2015 — 58 mins
Guests: Melanie Shapiro

Back in 1999, the price tag of $199 could have secured you a Sega Dreamcast. Fast forward 16 years later, that same price point can acquire a physical bitcoin wallet the size of a credit card. Integrated with a little screen, a camera, a fingerprint sensor (yes, biometric authentication) and a few buttons, Case wallet is capable of executing transactions by itself. Featuring a GSM embedded chip, Case doesn’t rely on phones or computers for internet access, being able to directly sign and broadcast transactions to the Bitcoin network. Talk about innovation, right? Hell, even Dreamcasts were stocked with a 56k modem. That was a big deal 16 years ago, folks! Anywho, CEO Melanie Shapiro swings by to talk about the product and the usual ridiculous shenanigans you come to know and love. Episode 25 baby! Strap in.

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